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Mushroom Raindrop Air Humidifier

Regular price   $73.32 Sale price   $43.99 Save 40%

Main Features:

✔️ Quiet, Gentle Operation

✔️ Large 350ML Water Tank

✔️ Remote Control for Easy Use

✔️ Unique Raindrop Aromatherapy Design

✔️ Colorful Gradient Atmosphere Lighting

  • No Compromises In Quality
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Shipping For Life

Key Keatures

  • Aromatherapy Compatibility

  • 350ml Water Tank

  • Remote Control Operation

Experience Nature Indoors

Imagine the soothing sound of raindrops and the serene aroma of your favorite essential oils. The Mushroon Raindrop Air Humidifier brings this tranquil experience into your home.

Its innovative design simulates rain, creating a calming atmosphere for relaxation or sleep. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or setting a peaceful mood in any room.

Illuminate Your Space

Transform your environment with the Mushroon Raindrop Humidifier’s enchanting light feature.

Offering a gradient of colors, it acts as a beautiful night lamp, setting a cozy and mesmerizing ambiance. Whether you're hosting a dinner, needing a gentle nightlight, or creating a relaxing spa-like setting, this humidifier adds a touch of magic.

Whisper-Quiet Companion

Say goodbye to noisy appliances. The Mushroon Raindrop Humidifier operates below 36db, ensuring your peace is never disturbed.

It's your perfect companion for a restful night’s sleep or a focused work session, providing moisture without unnecessary noise.

Sustained Relaxation

Equipped with a generous 350ML water tank, this humidifier offers prolonged operation, minimizing the need for frequent refills. Its water-shortage power-off protection ensures safety and energy efficiency. Enjoy hours of continuous aromatherapy and humidification without the hassle.

The Mushroon Raindrop Air Humidifier, more than just a humidifier, it's an experience enhancer for any home or office.


  • The humidifier comes with a 350ml water tank, providing ample capacity for extended periods of use without the need for frequent refilling.

  • Yes, the Mushroom Raindrop Air Humidifier is equipped with a water-shortage power-off protection feature. This automatically shuts off the device when the water level is low, ensuring safety and energy efficiency.

  • Yes, the humidifier is designed for aromatherapy and can be used with essential oils. Just add a few drops of your favorite oil to the water tank to enjoy its fragrant benefits.

  • This humidifier requires a standard A.C. power source and comes with a variety of plug types (EU, US, UK, & KR) to suit different regions. It does not support battery operation.

  • The humidifier comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust settings such as mist output, timing function, and light settings. This makes it convenient to operate without having to manually adjust the device.

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